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The video of Tiger Woods driving at high speed minutes before the serious accident

Tiger Woods is recovering from an emergency intervention that had to be carried out after suffering a serious traffic accident. The 45-year-old golfer has...

Mary Wilson, soul icon and founder of the Supremes, dies at 76

Together with Diana Ross and Florence Ballard, the artist formed one of the most successful and influential girl groups in modern music.The singer Mary...

The best bad films according to José Luis Garci

The director analyzes all those works that critics called "bad" and that were only undervalued in his last book. There is a topical phrase that...

The UN begins to consider Kim Jong-un “president” as demanded by North Korea

The North Korean government demanded it and the UN has granted: from 'chairman' to 'president', a decision that will raise controversy. The UN has begun...

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The Boston Dynamics Robot dog already has military use: this is how the French army uses it in their maneuvers

The robot, successfully used for reconnaissance work while it was operational, ran out of battery during one of the exercises and the soldiers had...

iOS 14.5 will recalibrate the battery of the iPhone 11 to solve the failures

The process that will facilitate the new version of the system will take place during normal load cycles and could take "weeks" The next iOS...

Alert for a new virus that steals your WhatsApp pretending to be Netflix

The cell phones that we carry in our pockets can also catch viruses. Although this seems more typical of computers, there are already a...

This will be the supersonic plane for the US president that will fly at more than 2,200 kilometers per hour

Despite hype, the new Air Force One won't be able to fly at the speed of light Two suites, luxurious furnishings, two bathrooms, capacity for...

Nest Hub, the Google screen that measures your sleep

In addition to hearing yourself better and allowing you to see cooking recipes in video on the screen, it now has a sleep analysis...